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Our Process

Your wealth plan should simplify your life, allow you to spend your time in YOUR most meaningful ways, and deliver exceptional confidence and peace of mind. We’ve developed a three-step process that puts you and your goals at the center of everything we do. Together, we will help you design a life plan that that is the sole driver of your wealth plan.

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We help you define your vision for financial independence—“the ability to spend your TIME as you choose without regard to the revenue it might produce.” We have developed a conversation designed to uncover YOUR ideal vision for financial independence. This is one of the most impactful steps in working with our firm.

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We help you understand your financial capacity, where you’re sitting now, and your financial independence trajectory. The difference between the lifestyle we plan and the lifestyle that is possible is financial capacity. Understanding your financial capacity allows you to make intentional decisions about your resources and your TIME that reflect your values. If you don’t use all your resources during your lifetime, then who should benefit from them...and when?

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We will design a coordinated blueprint that aligns your asset management, risk management, and tax management to your Life/Legacy Goals. Imagine that your Personal Financial Picture is a business and you are the Owner creating the vision for your family. You are also serving as the CEO coordinating the asset management, risk management, and tax management divisions. Our team becomes your “interim CEO”, does a deep dive into these three divisions, and creates a master blueprint that uncovers your opportunities and adds the efficiencies needed to help eliminate the gaps and overlaps.

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Financial representatives do not render legal or tax advice. Consult with a legal or tax professional for advice that is specific to your situation.